Porsche 911 ex RIJKSPOLITIE 1980 ALEX 12.82  € 105.000,-

Original PORSCHE TARGA RIJKSPOLITIE 3.0 from 1980. Named ALEX 12.82 and used exclusively on highway patrols in HOLLAND. Delivered new to the Dutch police Highway department in 1980 and provided meanwhile with a spare 3.0l carrera motor. The police cars did a hell of kilometers day in day out and engine replacements were commun. After servicing for police car was sold to private owner who changed the color into black. Meanwhile the car had a restauration and is retrofitted to its appearence as ALEX 12.82 using original police attributes so it looks and works 100% identical to his working days in <...>

Naam Gregory
Woonplaats HARELBEKE, België

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